Vivienne McKee

Vivienne McKee
Foredrag af Vivienne McKee:

Vivienne McKee gives an entertaining inter-active lecture about bringing humour, laughter and play into our daily work lives.

Did you know that adding humour in your workplace can:
• reduce stress
• boost morale
• foster greater teamwork
• enhance customer service
• spark creativity
• motivate employees
• increase productivity
• and replace valium, vodka and viagra ?

Vivienne reveals how little it takes to improve your working hours,
and even your health – with fun and humour!

She reminds us that we carry our sense of humour around with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, til death do us part , and offers some good tips about how to pull out humour when it is most needed in a work situation in her own highly entertaining Danish/English style.

“Even if you WIN the rat-race, you are still a rat!”

“A good 20 second laugh is the equivalent of 3 minutes on a rowing machine”

“Our sense of humour is fat-free, nicotine-free, non-addictive, environmentally-friendly, stress–reducing and does not require membership fees or
Kr. 1.000,- Nike shoes”

And as Oscar Wilde said: “Work is far too important to be taken seriously”

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